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Equipped with up to date technology with modern appliances, every detail that considers sensitive eye exams and treatments we offer. 



We take the unexpected move quickly and in emergency situations to ensure your eye health. We're here to help you any moment and to protect your health.

Op. Dr. Bell Pamukçu

Eye Doctor In Gaziantep

Eye examination, your eye is a vital part of maintaining your health and overall quality of vision.
Well, have you ever thought why regular eye exams are so important?
First, eye exams, which can affect your productivity at work or at school myopia, refractive errors such as hyperopia and astigmatism can be detected. Second, it increases your chances of detecting early stages of eye disease, and this increases your chances of recovery and treatability. Cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and vision loss can cause conditions such as frequently as the disease progresses. Regular eye exams, we are here for such situations to intervene in the early stages of caught. Moreover, your eye doctor can find clues about your overall health. Some systemic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be determined during the first eye examination. Not only the quality of your vision, eye exams not only that, but it is an effective way to check your general health. You do not ignore the importance of regular eye exams, vision take to protect your health.

Approaches To Improve Your Health

Eye doctor in Gaziantep Op. Dr. Bell running Pamukçu eye surgery, prosthetic eye, strabismus is a physician who specializes in the treatment of children's eye health issues. You can contact us for any questions about your eye health.

impairment of the eyelid

Impairment Of The Eyelid

eye prosthesis

Private Eye Prosthesis

eyelid surgery

Eyelid Surgery


Specialized eye doctor make an appointment. The key is to make a healthy start to your eye health check.


A precise examination with modern appliances and your eyes are examined in detail. Problems are detected and a treatment plan is created.


When necessary, expert surgical operations are performed. You'll be safe with the health of the operations.


Healing after treatment with a better visual experience you'll get. Your eye health protection on your journey experience successful results.

S. S. S.

Custom prosthetic eye, what is it?

Private eye implants, the pattern of the eye socket after the order is received, are designed in a way that is compatible with the natural features. In our clinic we offer unique solutions.

What is an eye exam?

In babies 1. from months 6. a month in the years after an eye examination is recommended. Vision problems should be addressed quickly before the age of 9. Childhood, adolescence, and periodic checks supports eye health after 40 years of age.

Impairment eyelid(ptosis) what is it?

Impairment of the eyelid, congenital or age-related reasons may be for you. Whether you need surgery in children, according to the position of state and head of eye closure is evaluated.

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